4th Grade - You got nothin on this mullet

4th Grade - You got nothin on this mullet

4th Grade - You got nothin on this mullet (full size)


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This photo is part of the Elementary School album and was taken in Port Byron, Illinois.

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  • Hi, my name is Laura Blood and I'm currently in my final year at Birmingham City Birmingham UK, studying Media Communications specialising in Journalism.

    For my final year project I am producing a magazine (Melonz) and one of the features will be based on mullets. I would love to use this image and wanted to know if that was at all possible? If not, no worries at all.

    Fell free to check out the blog we've created: melonz.wordpress.com/

    Many thanks, Laura

    laurablood posted

  • haha, you can definitely use this photo for that.
    i'd really like to see the finished product whenever you're done.

    broox posted

  • Oh thats brilliant, thank you! And yes as soon as were done I will send you a link to what we've done with it.

    Your mullet is incredible, thanks again, Laura xx

    laurablood posted

broox.com comments

  • i'm convinced your parents hate you

    nick posted

  • dude, this hair was amazing and you know it, haha. however, i think they hated me in 5th grade.

    derek posted

  • thats the "I should have been aborted" haircut

    uracunt posted