Back on the saddle.

Back on the saddle.

Back on the saddle. (full size)


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This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a LG Nexus 5.

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  • Ill be out on the high trestle riding this afternoon if u 2 are still out.

    Tony Kukla posted

  • dang, we're already back. we just got the bikes out for the first time this year and wanted to go for a short cruise.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Nice, great day for it. Got to start with short rides when starting the season out. I may keep it short too with the holiday.

    Tony Kukla posted

  • This makes me smile!

    Allie Peters posted

  • Her outfit coordinates too! She has style.

    Julie Verdon posted

  • Bern

    Mitchell Pilon posted

  • Burton

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Shwateness.

    Mitchell Pilon posted

  • Nice guys, looking great.

    Charles Joseph McGrane posted

  • Brooks saddle

    Dan DeGeest posted

  • i see no dewsk

    Robert Tolar Haining posted

  • You guys rock!

    Craig Brooks posted

  • Nice, good to see the same words from ur dad that I remember when we were little...

    Tyrell Saelens posted

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