Finished Crown Tattoo

Finished Crown Tattoo

Finished Crown Tattoo (full size)


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This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi.

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  • Nice work. That thing is massive!

    Mr Weather B posted

  • That is pretty awesome!

    JeffOliver posted

  • Hi broox!

    I think this tattoo is fantastic!

    Would you like to have your pic displayed on my site?

    If yes, please send me an email with the link to this pic to

    Or you can visit my site Shiroi Neko and go to the tattoo page.

    BTW, I got nothing to give you as I'm doing this thing NOT FOR A COMMERCIAL PURPOSE. I just want to show the art of tattoo to the world.


    Shiroi Neko Online posted comments

  • Cool. What is it suppose to symbolize to you?

    Anonymous posted

  • there's more info in the description of the album:

    derek posted

  • Ruling rules! I like it

    Anonymous posted

  • I was looking for crown designs because I'm going to sketch my own. I like this one but the problem is that a crown needs to be symmetrical and on such a large scale it can be hard. I want a crown because it is a reminder that I am the king of my own consciousness and essentially the whole world as I know it and see it. That is the key to salvation. To control your thoughts, actions and even your feelings. Not that I'm so great that I always do, but thats what the reminder is for.

    Shain posted

  • This tattoo is super fucking gay.

    Really? posted

  • bilat kang dako hahaqhahaha

    fremone123 posted

  • Hahahahahaha-- have fun having a piece of bad clip art on your back

    Fester posted