Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I wrote 1 blog, took 5 photos, and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Ankeny, Iowa.

12:01 am

alright. got my blackberry OS updated. now i'm going to try to go to bed instead of play with the newness. we'll see how this goes.

9:14 am

whoa! apparently my alarm broke when i updated my phone's OS. late start!

11:37 am

someone let me know when the inauguration video is available for download

1:17 pm

crossed fingers. trying to get $200 from the post office.

4:56 pm

camera stuff came a day early! goin home to play.

5:50 pm

The Mail Came! Canon 430EX II Flash, 50mm/f1.8 lens, and a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Bag

6:13 pm

First 50mm Pic, WIT MA PLAT FRONTS!!

6:26 pm

My Kit - a decent start.

8:27 pm

Finished Crown Tattoo

9:27 pm

What Kari Does

10:14 pm

10:40 pm

Upgrading via Trading - Real Life and the Internet derek.broox.com...d-the-internet/

11:23 pm

today was a good day. work was smooth, i got some camera toys, and george bush stopped being president.
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