Pizza is really really good for you posted

So, tonight I ordered a 14" Sausage/Mushroom pizza from Papa John's. I was pretty hungry, so I ended up eating 4 pieces. But a 14" pizza isn't that big... so that's actually not that much. Anyway, afterwards I was curious as to how bad for you pizza is. I looked up the nutritional information at Papa John's website. At first I was like, "whoa that's actually not bad at all."

But then I noticed that 1 serving was 1 slice. So then I multiplied everything by 4. Here is the breakdown (percentages based on a 2,000 calorie diet):

Calories 1344g (67%)
Fat 56g (86%)
Sodium 3576g (149%)
Carbs 152g (51%)

Man, it's a good thing I ate subway for lunch.
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  • shit man, you're going to die now

    tanner posted

  • Just drop a deuce and you will be fine.

    Manuel posted

  • Any food with all 4 food groups can't be *that* bad..

    Greg posted

  • you should go on the pizza diet!

    kevin posted

  • Crap, I ate Papa John's last night, too. Between that and the Dinty Moore I keep eating for lunch, I'm scheduled for a heart attack in about... four months.

    vanwinkle posted

  • 14" is huge

    Mart posted

  • And... the sodium's in milligrams, not grams. No way would there be 3.5kilos of salt in four slices of pizza

    Mart posted

  • haha. well, whatever... but the daily is also in mg, which means it's still 149%

    derek posted

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    look at papamurphy's, better eat the delite pizza lil'b

    Reiter4Life posted