St Louis Demo posted

I picked up the rental van Thursday, then Kevin and I drove down to Kansas City. Once we got there, we met Oliver, Chris, and their friend Kevin. They played a bad trick on us. Chris didn't show up for a while cause he had to take a crap or something, so Kevin said that he was Chris, even though he's a pale skinned red-head, and Chris is tan with longer, brown hair. That had me so confused for a while. Anyway, they showed us a movie that the made called "Soap Movie." It's a full length movie! I didn't see the whole thing, but they showed me the highlights, and it was pretty good.

The next day, we went soaping around Kansas City and the suburbs. They took us to this one rail that is about a foot/foot and a half off the ground, insanely long, and going down this hill. It was really fun, but didn't last long. See it was in the back of this Acura dealership. One of the employees (probably a manager or something) came out and told us we couldn't do it, so we kept sliding it, and he came over by us and told us to leave. I offered him a pair of shoes to try it, but he wanted to call the cops instead. Luckily, Kevin had a PA in his vehicle... He told everyone around not to buy cars there cause they were bad, haha. The dude was so mad, he even flipped us off.

Then we drove to Saint Louis, having lots of fun. Once we got near the city the interstate was pretty backed up so Chris opened the sliding door of the van. This mad it easier to hit on girls and mess with people.

It was really cool to finally meet Alexei, I mean, he's been helping me with my Soap websites for years and I had never officially met him. All his brothers were cool too, they through an awesome party and even had an ice luge. Later on Friday night we met Jordan and his friend at the hotel. Then went down town and soaped around the city. Oliver and Aaron were tearing up the rail in between the arch and the capitol building, which made for some good video.Then we went to our hotel, and had a good time. Saturday morning we woke up and setup for the demo. It was a great time, however not very many people showed up. Alexei's fraternity hosted it and donated all money to the AIDs foundation.

That night, there was a big party at Alexei's place. This is where the ice luge was. I saw Josh Peterson there, which was weird because I hadn't seen him since High School, and he just happened to be chilling at the same party as me in Saint Louis.

Sunday was a long drive home.


  • HAHAHA omg... That Acura guy, I saw him in the video. So funny... I wish I had been around at the time.

    Dave posted