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A Visit From The President

Once I got to work, things were fairly normal - well aside from most everyone else being dressed to the nines… especially the ladies. But then around lunch time, about 30 giant secret service dudes started showing up along with cops, dogs, etc. We had a mandatory office leave while they swept the entire place. (Remember, this is Obama's campaign headquarters. These are the people who love the president and are hired to re-elect him... read more

Preparing to Meet the President

After my shower this morning I thought to myself, "What should I wear to make myself presentable to the President of the United States?" I don't really like dressing up and I wasn't about to start… but I felt like I should at least make an attempt. My normal attire consists of a hat, a pair of skate shoes, an unwashed pair of jeans, and an inappropriate/inappropriately priced screenprinted tee. To me, the only real variables of this outfit were my hat and shirt. So I glanced at my 2 stacks of t-shirts and thought, "I probably shouldn't wear a screen printed shirt... Maybe I should throw on one of my 'fancy' flannel button ups." After looking through those for a bit I remembered that I worked in a 76 degree office and that everyone in the workplace would be packed as close to the president as possible... read more