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  • Broken - Just got rear-ended. Tire carrier is broken, tailgate is dented. Spare wheel is scratched. Bumper...
  • Broken - Oops
  • Broken - Thrilled with all this rust on my roam steps
  • Broken - Oops
  • Broken - Neighbor cut down this branch like a dick.
  • Broken - Neighbor decided to gamble with my trees while cutting down his.

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My Talon: Finally the End?

My car has been running horribly lately. The engine sounds horrible, it idles bad, etc. I mean, what can I really expect from an engine with 175,000 miles on it. Well... Monday I pulled into the garage, shut the car off, and heard a new *CLUNK* noise... read more
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Server: Dead

Well, I was trying for a month without blogging, but this is an emergency blog which all began this morning with: rich: so my outlook wont check my dick4d email rich: anymore Rich is a friend of mine whose websiteI host. I'm currently in the process of switching hosting companies from my dedicated box to a mosso account. However, half of my sites are still on the old server, which went down:,,,,,,,,,,,, and truespin-media. A couple hours, calls, failed reboot attempts, and e-mails later, I get this e-mail: After running hardware tests on your server, your hard drive has failed. I will need to reinstall your server... read more
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Wreck Number 2

One day Krissy and I decided to drive past my old house on Old Ranch Road in Port Byron. I was feeling pretty sick so I had her drive. In fact, I started to really feel like crap so I took my seat belt off so that the pressure wouldn't be on my belly. Right when we passed my old house we came up on this car driving 40mph in the 55. Like any normal person, we got real annoyed... read more
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How I Broke My First Bone

One time back in 2001 I decided to go snowboarding with Jason Reiter. Prior to that, besides backyard snowboarding, I had only been snowboarding on a resort once. Some extended family of mine own a small ski resort in Illinois (Snow Star). Every year the resort would be closed on Christmas Day, however, they'd invite a bunch of family and close friends out for a Christmas potluck and day of skiing/snowboarding/sledding. So needless to say, I got pretty decent at skiing as a kid... read more
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