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  • Eric Larson - Flooring and hanging out with Rico
  • Eric Larson - Puttin down floors with Rico
  • Eric Larson - If there's one dude I love working with, it's Rico
  • Eric Larson - Jill and Rico!
  • Eric Larson - Once everything was installed and clamped, we celebrated with pizza and a bit of Yamazaki whisky.
  • Eric Larson - Fittin things together with Rico

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Rico Leaves Oktoberfest

Ahhh, home. When I'm home, things get done. So yeah, Friday was Rico's last day at Pioneer, which was a little weird, but was also quite nice. I really don't know many people that have the balls to up and quit a job after over 20 years of service. I'm pretty excited about it... read more

Rico's Party, Aura, and Sleeping

Whoops, I forgot again. This weekend was pretty decent. Friday we went to Rico's holiday party, then Nathan, Zach, and I went out to Aura. It was a good time. We cracked open the homebrews at Rico's... read more