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  • Garth Brooks - This little asshole keeps making nests out of my drop cloths
  • Garth Brooks - Baskin boye
  • Garth Brooks - Kinda nervous. Kinda happy.
  • Garth Brooks - Deep snow for good boy
  • Garth Brooks - I was about to paint this closet, but Garth had other ideas.
  • Garth Brooks - Moved Garth's bed out of my way. He didn't care.

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Rilee's Big Walk

So, we're dogsitting Kari's parents' dog, Rilee, right now while they're traveling... and before I go out of town tomorrow, Kari wanted to see if she could walk both dogs at the same time. Our dog is kind of an asshole on the leash, just letting his nose pull him every which way, and Rilee is kind of annoying to walk with as well. She really pulls on the leash and is one of those dogs that violently kicks all 4 feet, tearing up the lawn after every time she pees or poops or whatever. Walking them together was gonna be a chore... read more
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Introducing Garth Brooks

So, most of you have probably heard by now that we adopted a new dog, but I still haven't given him a proper introduction to the internets. So here it goes. Kari and I weren't really looking to adopt a dog quite yet, but the situation sorta just fell into our (well, my) hands. See, Kari's mom is friends with a woman named Amy, who's a foster parent for a rescue league. So, one time while Kari was in Cedar Rapids, her and her mom decided to visit Amy for some "puppy therapy." ...sounds like a great idea, right? read more
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