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Golf is Weird

OK so apparently it's not the hair. I really am a Bam Margera look alike. I was golfing tonight (for the Pioneer golf league) with Rick and Nehru from work. We were joined by this guy from financial that works down town. Anyway after the first hole and the guy is like, "you know, you look like the guy from 'Viva La Bam' ... read more
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Byron Hills Blowguns

When I was in High School, 3 foot blowguns were pretty popular with my friends and I - the ones that you blow into and shoot a 4 inch needle out the tip. We all became incredibly good with them, we could hit pop cans from 30 feet away, etc. One day Nate Sels, Ray Terhune, and I were on the way to play a round of golf at Byron Hills when Ray decided that he needed a new blow gun. So we swung out to Discount Tool in Silvis to pick one up. Discount Tool was a weird place; it's about 1/2 car stereo equipment, 1/4 weapons, and 1/4 tools... read more
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Josh Gooch and the Pond

When I was in High School I was on the golf team. I spent many of my meets golfing with my buddies Jeremy Ludin and Josh Gooch. We've got tons of stories, but there is one in particular that I will never forget. Josh and I were golfing with 2 kids from another school in this tournament at Golfmohr. We got to #2 which is a par 4, dog leg left with a pond starting in front of the tee box and running along the entire left side... read more
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