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Get More Bank Accounts! (How Kari and I Bank)

Let me start off by saying that this may not be the absolute right way to manage your money, but it's definitely the best way for us; it's simple, it keeps us happy, and it keeps us responsible... so I wanted to share it. Hopefully it'll work for someone else. Everyone knows that money management can be a real stressful thing for any couple (and single person, I guess). In fact, Kari and I's marriage counselor, Dr... read more
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Most People Try to Hide The Hard Times

I'm going to put mine right out there... The thing that I hate more than anything else is my money situation over the last few years. I keep telling myself it'll get better, and I keep trying my ass off to make it that way, but it never gets to a point that it's bearable. I am seriously, seriously depressed about it. It's retarded... read more
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