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  • Music - Downstairs at the Green Lady
  • Music - Upstairs at the Green Lady
  • Music - Listening to some jazz at Vieux Carré
  • Music - This band was rockin it
  • Music - Talked shit about all the emo hip hop out right now and my office mate, Sul came through with the...
  • Music - When I was a kid, I was working on a band called Super Unleaded. This was the first flyer.

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The 30 Year Old DJ

I'm 30 years old, love music, and am about to become the sickest DJ my bedroom has ever seen. But first, let me give you a a bit of a backstory... In the late 90s (high school, for me) I found house music. I had mostly been listening to terrible metal and rap at the time… but once I heard those crazy electro sounds, I started to become super interested. I even started going to some under-18 dance clubs in the Quad Cities... read more

My iPod Rating Dilemma

I'm a big fan of rating music so that I have playlists of things that do not suck. However, I've come to a dilemma. What happens when a song is so horrible that it's amazing? I mean, I want to know that it's horrible, but I also want to know that I love it. For example, Ill Mitch is this Russian Rapper - who may or may not be real and/or serious... read more
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