Mother's Day and PB Houses

Mother's Day this year was pretty fun.

Friday Jeff came into town then we got sushi @ Taki, went to Court Avenue, etc. Pretty routine night. Definitely good.

Saturday, Teresa and Vic showed up, we cooked some homebrew, then we all went tailgating at the Iowa Cubs game. This time I didn't have a 102 degree fever!

The actual ballgame was pretty fun as well. It started off good with the cubs in the lead, then went about 7 innings without a single run, then all of a sudden syracuse jumped up to 11-3 in the 9th - so tons of people left. Then the cubs suddenly rallied it and brought in 5 runs for a final of 8-11. It was hilarious. And since we'd all had a few drinks, we screamed various obscenities at the blasted 3rd base coach. Everyone heard us - including the 3rd base coach. We laughed a lot... and so did everyone around us.

Afterwards we walked down to Hessen Haus for a quick beer then called it a night.

Sunday, Mother's day, we went out to brunch at Granite City with Morris where we were greeted with a 2.5 hour wait. So we then whipped a ferocious shitty straight over to Cheesecake factory where we had a 20 minute wait. It was good. Des Moines really needs more brunch options for moms. Pics

And now, something really sad. Two of the homes that I grew up in are for sale. My parents' house on the river, obviously, and the house we had out in the country. It's pretty weird, but maybe it'll help get the family out of Port Byron for once. I nabbed the pics from since I'm sure they'll be gone soon. They're here: /photos/our-houses-for-sale/.

I also made some tags for pics taken at the old houses here: 3910 221st St and 606 S Main St.

Oh yeah, my sister graduated from TCU, congrats!

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