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Best email ever

This may be one of the best emails I've ever gotten. Top 10 at least.... derek, right now I am busy building a 6 foot tall anatomically correct paper mache unicorn. we're stuffing it with 1000 twinkies, putting on boxing gloves, and smashing it to pieces. the goal is to break of a part and eat whats inside... read more
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The Falaphilia Factor

So my buddy scottv contacts me yesterday and is like, "BROOKS, need your help, asap. I don't have photoshop here and I need some quick work done." He then goes on to show me the sexual harrassment lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly (from the O'Reilly Factor) and his strange falafel fetish... So Scott told me to photoshop an image of O'Reilly with his arm around a gigantic piece of falafel. Which I did (in about 3 minutes - as you will see). Long story short, scott bought and came up with a pretty good definition of "Falaphilia." Harper is hosting the site and it's getting hit pretty hard - which is awesome... read more