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St Lucia Day 7

We woke up early to get breakfast at Tuscanini's. I got the steak and eggs because steak and eggs sounded awesome for breakfast. After breakfast we swam, played on the beach, and sailed a hobie cat out into the bay. Then we had to come back to the room to pack. Around this time I found out that steak and eggs in St Lucia were not that good... read more
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St Lucia Day 6

Today ruled again - actually all the days have ruled so far. So anyway, we slept in pretty late, then decided to hike to the top of the mountains at the end of our resort's peninsula. It was really nice, pretty tough hike, but really nice. We went up to the fort on one peak and then across to the taller peak. After hiking we bought things: bounty rum, a couple cuban cigars, some huge necklace, etc... read more