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So last weekend, Ando made plans to go to KC for his friend JJ's 30th birthday. Nathan and I got invited - and it was a blast... Maybe too much of a blast.

On the way down, Nathan got pulled over for doing 84 in a 70. :(

So, we got into town around 8:30, checked into our Sheraton Suite and then had dinner at Tomfoolerie's. After dinner we met up with Ando's friend, Eboni and went to Blonde. Blonde was a pretty good club. Apparently a lot of KC peeps think Blonde is trying to be too big time for KC... but I liked it quite a lot. Good DJ, good drinks, pretty people, fun atmosphere.

After Blonde we met up with a bunch of Ando's friends at the Granfalloon, which is this sports bar/grill that turns into a real bar at night - Interesting... and sort of weird to be partying in a restaurant. But it was alright. Then we ended the night at the Empire Room, which seemed fairly ghetto to me. But it was a good time... aside from the massive insane fight that broke out. Everyone got kicked out, lots of cops showed up, and everyone was basically getting pepper sprayed, wtf. As soon as I smelled it, I covered my eyes/mouth and ran. Ando got some on his face, it sucked.

Saturday, we woke up, had some breakfast, and walked around the plaza...

Actually, I should explain the Country Club Plaza for those that have never been... If you like shopping, eating, or drinking - you should definitely stay at the plaza and make a weekend of it. All of these bars and restaurants were in walking distance, and they were intermixed with lots of fancy stores. I mean some super fancy ones. Like Halls, which is the kind of place where you might find yourself debating, "do i want to drop this money on a tie, or get a nintendo wii?" And Bang & Olufson, where you could debate buying a tv or getting yourself a car instead. But there are also less fancy ones like Urban Outfitters, etc. There's also a Tiffany, for the girls, but dammit (parvin my french). There is no freaking diet dewski ANYWHERE. Bring your own diet dewski if you stay in the plaza. Or drive to a gas station.

Anyway, the plaza was good. We shopped around a bit, bought some clothes, had a beer at O'Dowd's, then met JJ at 810 Zone for some wings, football watching, and games.

After 810 Zone we got ready quick and headed to Paddy O'Quiggley's for JJ's surprise 30th birthday party. I had quite a blast. It was awful. Drinks were free and tasted like water. Nathan and I brought the party, but I'm not sure how appreciated our party was. Everyone else seemed much more tame than us, so hopefully we didn't make anyone too annoyed.

After Paddy's, we hit up the new club, McFadden's right by the Sprint Center, and then ended the night at Falloon's.

The whole weekend was chaos. 0 boredom. I had never really been to Kansas City before, but I'm confident that we did it right. I really want to take Kari down there some weekend for some shopping, wining, and dining.

Brussel Nuggets! Ooouuh.
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  • I think I just shit a chinese buffet, atleast a wonton for sure! We partied and people seemed happy we were happy. Probably thought I was a damn tourist and you grew corn. Oh well! Oooouuuhh

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