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BMW sponsors this event called the Ultimate Drive where all you have to do is sign up and drive BMWs... then for every mile you drive they donate $1 to the Komen Breast Cancer Fund. So instead of working today, Nehru and I drove BMWs, haha. We got to sign a 645i. Then we drove on this 15 mile route they had plotted out. I drove the 545i and 3.0 Z4. Nehru drove the 645i, and I think a 330 after I left. We also rode along with Ron in a 325.

It's tough not to treat the streets like a closed course when you're in the cars we drove... especially when they plot out a map that looks like a road course. So needless to say, we pushed the cars pretty hard... and we each got honked at by people that we made nervous, haha. Whatever, yall are just mad because we drive better.

So in all, I went at least 60 miles with no blisters on my feet. My gf is a lamer. More pics.
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  • I drove the 645 today from Des Moines to Davenport for the next leg of the Ultimate Drive Tour. In the 200 miles we drove only three cars passed the 'Koman Karavan' and Kari was one of them...hahah.

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  • M3? M5? those are the nice cars. i wish my BMW dealer had something like this.

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