Xtreme Nation Demos posted

So, I just got back from Saint Louis with Aaron, Zach, and Jordan... It was so much fun.

Friday, I got on the tiny plane for my hour long flight to STL, haha. The plane was small enough to where we had to board from the tarmac, hehe. We stayed in Chesterfield, which is a lame lame town. There is nothing to do at night... at all. We ended up walking around the town, swimming, and by the end of the night we were beating the crap out of each other. We got into some pretty good punching, slapping, and kicking games. We all had huge bruises on our arms, welts on our backs, sore stomachs, and sore nutbags. I even got jacked in the face by Jordan, haha.

Saturday we showed up to the demo which was sooo much fun. Xtreme Nation is the sickest store. A young family owns it and they were just cool as hell. We need one in Des Moines. Everyone there called me Bam, so I signed a deck for Aaron, haha. It was also cool because Alexei hung out with us.

After the demo we ate at Olive Garden and slept for a while. At night we went to a bar/grill, and then after that we swam, skated, and walked around. We also invented a new way to use the word "party." Besides the literal meaning... and doing drugs. Zach farted so Jordan yelled, "Ohp! Zach's ready to party!" Then for the rest of the weekend we all partied. We'd fart at Xtreme Nation and ask the kids if they'd smell the party, haha. Speaking of which, Jordan annihilated their bathroom and a good portion of the store with some hardcore partying.

Today we woke up and soaped at Wash U. We got a few nice shots, but no real video... aaron fell once and that was funny. Then we went to the demo to roll around with the kids and sign posters/shirts. Today was a lot more laid back.... they told us that we had to calm down right when we walked in the door. But we sold at least 10 pairs of Heelys, which is pretty good in less than 7 hours of being there.

So the weekend was a lot of fun, I didn't shave my head this time, hehe. Although, next time I plan a trip near any big city, I'm booking my hotel DOWNTOWN. I wanted to go clubbing so bad. Instead I had to hang out with Jordan's naked self in the hotel all weekend and beat the crap out of each other. I love those guys, haha.

Chuck is back from Iraq, time to go out. SHAKE WHAT YA GOT IN THEM JEANS!!!


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