Slapping Harper With The Froehlichs

Kari and I's buddy, Steph, recently bought a place in Chicago - a really nice place right downtown. Last Friday was her condo-warming party and we of course couldn't miss it. So we planned the trip and everything fell into place. Family was in town for Elias' baptism, and our Chicago friends were ready to party. There was much visiting to be done.

So Friday we rolled to Steph's, which was quite an awesome place. Very nice decor, paint, location, atmosphere - an all around nice place to live. I'm both happy for and jealous of her, ha.

The party was good too. There was a ridiculous amount of food and probably 30 people. It was really nice to see the Froehlich's, however I was a little sad when Dr. Bob and Cheryl left so early. As soon as they left, the party started to die off, ha. I should've brought a couple cigars to share.

Saturday, Kari and I met up with her family at Stephanie and Manuel's. Their baby Elias was baptized that morning, so a lot of family was in town to celebrate that. We hung out for a bit then went to a nice bar patio to watch the Cubs clinch their division. After the game, we sorta bounced around between Jon/Elizabeth's place and Steph/Manuel's place then met up with Tag for Sushi.

Sushi Wabi was, of course, great - I love the rolls there. Plus, people we knew kept rolling in and got sat down with us, ha. It's pretty amazing how small Chicago seems when you roll with that crew.

So after Wabi, Harper, Tag, Kari, and I went out, where we ran into this amazing bus called the Mitzvah Tank. It was this mobile Jewish library with a couple Jews apparently promoting Judaism outside the clubs, haha. Harper talked to them for a bit while we laughed, then we checked out Subterranean, which was a bit dumb. We paid a $12 cover, had 1 drink, then left, haha. Dammit, Harper... I mean... we might owe Chicago a few cover fees, so whatever, I guess.

After Subterranean we went to Debonair and things got hilarious. It was nice to run into Harper's buddies, Claudia, Greg, RH Matt, etc. Plus, Kari's cousin Jon showed up, ha.

So we start drinking with the owners n regulars and of course, get a bit rowdy. We danced, took random shots, made fun of Harper's mustache, and took turns wearing his crazy shirt. At the end of the night, Harper and Claudia started spitting water fountains on each other. Then Harper did it to everyone. Then he apparently started launching bar glasses back into the bar area. I didn't really witness the glasses flying, but the next thing I know the bar back, Miguel, was screaming at Harper, like super mad. So this dude is yelling at Harper while Harper is surrounded by the club owners/managers. Harper tries to calm him down by laughing at him, of course. So the dude straight up slapped Harper across the face and broke his glasses. wtf? No one really knew what to do, so Harper laughed some more, then we sent him home and basically wound down. The whole time the owners were like, "you guys are cool, you don't have to leave, etc"

It was quite random and funny. I just wanna know exactly what happened, and why that dude was such a penis, ha.

So yeah, it was a nice visit. We got to see and party with a lot of friends and family.
I love that city.
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