Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 14 microblogs.

9:19 am

9:27 am

Slapping Harper With The Froehlichs

1:13 pm

eating a submarine shaped samdwich

2:59 pm

@lucky33 got dinner at the auntie's house tonight. i could maybe drop by for 1 after that. need to finish this mini tour!

3:19 pm

i should really start charging all the people i am hosting for free.

6:10 pm

at vicki's for dinner with grandman and grandpa

7:50 pm

@zlarson that has been there for a bit, ha. good stuff though, for sure.
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8:13 pm

apparently there is a secret meetup at the ankeny OC. maybe i'll stop by on the way home. communicate, yose!
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8:47 pm

headin home to let beastdog out

8:48 pm

twitter is hilarious tonight

9:02 pm

at home, havin a chimay with cedric, haha.

9:32 pm

cedric and i have downgraded to old milwaukee. he is pissed.
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9:35 pm

already ditched the old milwaukees and sorta upgraded again - to hamm's.

11:17 pm

@harper terminal and bitchx or scrollz

11:19 pm

being broke is the best. the next couple weeks are gonna be unfun.