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Chicago or Des Moines?

The question is not about where I want to live, because the answer would obviously be Chicago. However, that can't happen right now, so...

I want to make this piece of art that is basically a skyline sitting on a chunk of earth. The actual skyline would be black painted metal sitting on a piece of "earth" to give a sort of glacial effect. The earth would be made of plywood. It's a pretty simple piece representing 2 things I love, the city, and the underground. Plus it would be nice to put some sort of urbanization in my extremely suburban home, haha.

My Dilemma is that I don't know what skyline to use. I really like Chicago's skyline from the southeast side, over by the Aquarium and what not. I also really like the Des Moines …

Pocket Bike, Shed, Art, etc

This weekend was different. Mainly because I had nothing to do, and even more mainly because Kari was out of town. What do you do when you have no plans and no girlfriend? You hang out with your single buddies. But then most of my single friends were out of town - Weak.

So Thursday, I got quite a bit done on my shed, plus I got my new gas tank and foot pegs for my pocket bike, rule.

Friday, Zach came over and we started up the pocket bike for the first time. It rules so much. We took it to Nehru's to ride around a bit. Ru wore his motorcycle helmet, haha. It ruled. Then Kevi met up with us for food at Rock Bottom, then downtown to check out Surf Shack, and then we met Nick back in Ankeny to hang out at Stix and my house. …


I joined a photography class this block at Cornell and I'm really looking forward to it. I really need more photo experience for, plus I think photography is one of the best forms of art there is. Anyway, we needed an SLR (Single Reflex Lens) camera, so I spent about 4 hours comparing cameras in my price range. I narrowed it down right away to the Canon Rebel 2000 and the Minolta Maxxum 5. I went to Best Buy and talked to 3 of the High School kids that know nothing about any product in the store except for the new 50 Cent CD. Then I got the privelage to talk to someone who might know what he's talking about. I asked him how fast the lens was on the camera (Aperture Range), and he just looked at me and then told me …

Jones Soda

My buddy, Josh Lueck, and I got a great picture this spring. It's of him standing on an old bridge that isn't in service anymore. Anyway, we think the picture may be good enough to make it on a Jones Soda bottle. So, please please please vote on it, and give it a high score! To vote on the picture, go here. And if you're really my friend... you'd try to vote on it every day! :). I honestly think it could make it on a bottle. And it'd be really cool if you helped!