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Friday: Insane
We met Harper at Crobar, a new club in chicago charging like a $30 cover. The DJ there is a guy named 'Felix' who does work with Puffy and is definitely the best club DJ I've seen live.

Anyway, Chris (of the virgin tears) was hanging out with us also. He's friends with Felix, so we all walked in together on "the cool side of the rope" for free while some dude was taking pictures of us, ha. Inside, this place was so dope. It was 2 stories; the dance floor is on the bottom but there is also a balcony wrapping around the whole place and the DJ booth overlooked everything (this is where we hung out most of the night). It was so much fun.

More crazy stuff:
-They weren't letting people with tennis shoes in (luckily we were with Felix, because I had my Soaps on, of course)
-There were (very attactive with cool clothing) hired dancers on platforms and by the dj booth.
-there were 5 or so crystal balls, ranging from about 3 feet to about 6 feet in diameter.
-We had champagne and some $200 bottle of tequila for free.
-The bathrooms had attendants and a TON of product to use (30+ colognes, aspirin, lotion, gel, and tons more).
-the bouncers all wore really nice suits

Saturday: fun but ended early
Kari and I went shopping on Armitage and on Michigan Avenue. We found lots of cool places to check out. Kari found her purse at one store (she got it as a gift), the price tag on it was $125, ha. The apple store was dope because I could finally check my email, and they had wifi so I could logon with my clie. We went to the Sony store, which was also awesome... 70" plasma there. Then we checked out Virgin records, also dope. I bought the Peaches: Teaches for Peaches CD and a T-shirt there.

Later we met Jeff Ruttencutter and his friend Priscilla for dinner. It was nice to see him... but the punk gets paid to go to graduate school. We ended up at Hard Rock because the pizza places we wanted to go to were busy.

After dinner we went home and then planned on meeting Harper for a party after he was done with a movie. But then the punk never called back.

I love visiting Chicago.
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