started and ended in Des Moines, Iowa

I turned 36 and celebrated 12 years with Kari

184.4 lbs

average weight

ranging from 180.6 to 188.9 lbs


miles walked

averaging 6.2 mi per day


blog entries

1 less than 2016


microblog entries

averaging 2.3 per day


photos taken

across 268 days


check ins

averaging 5.9 per day


days away from home

79 outside my state


countries visited

United States, Belize, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Mexico


states visited

from California to Indiana



5 more than 2016

Big Remarks


I am heading back stage to a Metallica show because I took a shitty photo that wound up being part of their Grammy winning album art.

June 9 @ 6:35 pm

The people of Singapore know where to draw the line. t.co/8vlKA8IBVi

July 17 @ 11:46 pm

Donald Trump is a fucking piece of shit.

January 28 @ 4:18 pm

About to spend 2.5 weeks in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok) and Tokyo. First time over there + furthest travel. Plz send tips!

July 11 @ 5:57 pm

Headin to Chicago for Obama's farewell speech and a little after party with all the folks that helped him win the presidency.

January 10 @ 12:40 pm

The city of Des Moines has finally graced my deck worthy of existence.

May 16 @ 12:18 pm

Hot Photos

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  • Christmas Eve hot tubbin 4 comments
  • New cedar and stainless steel 13 comments
  • Kari and I are having a great time in the ocean 4 comments
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  • This girl loves her some Iowa State Fair time... 1 comment
  • Kari got us Blackhawks tickets for Christmas 4 comments
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  • Southside Valentine's Day pizza n beer stuff 3 comments
  • Finished 3 comments
  • This was just a few hours in... Time for a lunch break 9 comments
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  • This area below our dining room and deck used to be a makeshift boat storage shed... I've still g... 4 comments
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  • Someone just opened a Quad Cities style pizza place in Des Moines... I really wish I would've don... 14 comments
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  • Goin to walk with Kari
  • Garth Brooks has been immortalized 6 comments
  • Kari gettin sleeved up 1 comment
  • Celebrate all the wins 3 comments
  • New chair day! 11 comments
  • This should be fine for a few days... 4 comments
  • Just passed this car that had a horse in it. 12 comments
  • Exterior: remodeled. Next: new front door + landscaping. 9 comments
  • Here we go 8 comments
  • I still remember the first time I integrated with PayPal, 15 years ago... I definitely never expe... 1 comment
  • Part of our crew at the High Trestle Trail Bridge 1 comment

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