I turned 35 years old and celebrated 11 years with Kari

  • 179.9 lbs

    average weight

    ranging from 174.5 to 187.6 lbs
  • 1,640

    miles walked

    averaging 4.5 mi per day
  • 7.7

    average hours asleep

    and 8.7 hours in bed
  • 1,016

    photos taken

    across 246 days
  • 2,151

    check ins

    averaging 6 per day
  • 874

    microblog entries

    averaging 2.6 per day
  • 4

    blog entries

    3 less than 2015
  • 56

    days away from home

    51 outside my state
  • 8

    states visited

    Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and South Carolina
  • 4

    countries visited

    Austria, Germany, Switzerland and United States
  • 3


    2 less than 2015

Big remarks


I'm incredibly thankful and proud that I got to work to re-elect Barack Obama. That dude and his family are nothing but class. True leaders.

An old woman in our new neighborhood called the cops on me and my buddy last week for looking suspicious at the pool. Achievement: unlocked.

Instead of bickering directly at each other, Kari and I bicker to our dog about each other, in front of each other... Because we are adults.

Our realtor just dropped by with a big fat, your-house-is-officially-sold check 💥 who wants to party?

The rise of ignorance and prejudice in our country recently is absolutely disgusting. The fact that this is even close is unreal.

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