started and ended in Des Moines, Iowa

I turned 35 and celebrated 11 years with Kari

179.9 lbs

average weight

ranging from 174.5 to 187.6 lbs


miles walked

averaging 7.2 mi per day


average hours asleep

and 8.72 hours in bed


blog entries

3 less than 2015


microblog entries

averaging 2.6 per day


photos taken

across 247 days


check ins

averaging 6.0 per day


days away from home

53 outside my state


countries visited

United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and


states visited

from Minnesota to North Carolina



2 less than 2015

Big Remarks


I'm incredibly thankful and proud that I got to work to re-elect Barack Obama. That dude and his family are nothing but class. True leaders.

October 14 @ 1:48 pm

An old woman in our new neighborhood called the cops on me and my buddy last week for looking suspicious at the pool. Achievement: unlocked.

July 27 @ 11:09 am

Kari Brooks makes MS look like it ain't no thang. It is a thang. It's a big, unpredictable, debilitating thang. #MSAwarenessWeek

March 9 @ 8:50 am

Instead of bickering directly at each other, Kari and I bicker to our dog about each other, in front of each other... Because we are adults.

May 4 @ 7:49 am

A salesman just came to my house and asked if my dad was home

December 29 @ 6:29 pm

Guys. I have great news. I am now officially old enough to run for president. #VoteBroox

August 5 @ 7:25 am

Hot Photos

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  • Found this photo from college, ha 11 comments
  • Lit up orange for Kari Brooks and everyone else fighting MS. 7 comments
  • Got this souvenir in Munich 18 comments
  • Got her! 10 comments
  • Settin up for our first Christmas at the new place. 9 comments
  • Celebrating the sale of our last house in our beautiful new one! 6 comments
  • Celebrating Jeff's 60th 12 comments
  • Done in 1 sitting. It hurt. 17 comments
  • In 4th grade I was tested for ADD (twice) after my teacher reported that I rarely had all 4 legs ... 7 comments
  • Cookin for Teresa's birthday 8 comments
  • New fixture + dimmable LED edison bulbs. We're getting to the fun stuff. 12 comments
  • Watchin these Cubs at the baby Cubs park 5 comments
  • We've got an oven! 10 comments
  • See you in America, Mama Smurf 8 comments
  • It's a bit smaller than I remember, but my car finally arrived. 10 comments
  • This should be a pretty cool house 5 comments
  • So, Kari came home with some chairs today... 5 comments
  • #douchetime in Austria 4 comments
  • Just bought our first TV... 8 comments
  • Let there be paint 8 comments
  • Germany followed through with the higher resolution speeding ticket photos I requested. What a ni... 5 comments
  • Buildin this handrail 10 comments
  • Ceiling broox 6 comments
  • Watchin these cubs do world series things from the minor league park 2 comments
  • Happy hour 6 comments
  • So, our new neighborhood has a pool... and I have a key to it. 9 comments
  • Sunday
  • Watchin the Cubs on a TV. At home. Kinda Gross. Kinda Awesome. 7 comments
  • Headin to the walk 1 comment

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