Kari's Twenty Six posted

Basically Kari's birthday (so far) has been the usual: eating, drinking, family, friends, ya know. It's been good I think.

I got her a mafia book, a spa massage, a special t-shirt, and a fancy meal. Nothing too incredible... but yeah.

This weekend was pretty nice, Steph, Lindsey, and Kari's dad all visited for her b-day. First we hung out at home and pushed our political beliefs upon each other. Then we met a bunch of friends at Taki to celebrate. It was good as always.

After dinner we went to Red Monk, which I'm really starting to hate. It's a small hidden bar with fancy foreign beer, which is a great concept. However, there's at least 1 bartender there that just hates his job. It's ridiculous. The last few times that I've been there he's made the whole bar unenjoyable.

Other than that, political debates, and a little bit of other drama, the night was pretty fun.


  • I should've broken that glass.

    cedric posted

  • tell Kari, Mindy and I owe her a meal and some drinks...

    luke posted

  • Pray for the restoration of #corporate.

    Prayer Slore posted