Leaving Southeast Rio Drive posted

Seriously, who in the hell puts an offer on a house when they're 22 years old? ... and then stays in that house for the next 11-12 years?

Me, apparently.

It was a house on Southeast Rio Drive in Suburban, Ankeny, Iowa, that... because in my brief stint of looking, I realized, I could afford "a lot more house" in Ankeny. So, I closed on the house and moved in with Kari just after we turned 23. Shortly after, while she was cleaning our new bathroom, I asked her to marry me. lol.

The only way I can think to sum things up while living on Rio is via list.

Many, many thanks to everyone who ever visited us there and helped us make some amazing memories in our first home.

11.5 years! That's pretty much longer than anything I've ever done in my entire life, and it was awesome.

Now for round 2!

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