MRI results, woohoo! posted

Ok, so I messed up my knee really bad grinding this "sideways kinked rail" toward the end of June. 2 weeks later I went to the Dr. to get it checked out because it still hurt real bad, and it was still really swollen. They ended up draining 20 CCs of fluid out. Then the Dr. scheduled me an appointment to get an MRI, wednesday of last week. So I went, and got the results back yesterday and they came back negative! Which means I don't have to have surgery. But they are still recommending physical therapy... So that's good news.
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  • Thats good, surgerys always a risk....
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    aaron posted

  • yeah, she's in planet of the apes, and in the movie driven. dude, i would do ANYTHING to meet her. seriously, she is... oh man. estella warren... wow.

    derek posted

  • surgery......and btw....did u ever find out what that fluid was??? And just like you derek there is nothing i wouldnt do to meet estella warren.

    Alex G posted