Saturday, January 7, 2023

I slept 9.05 hours, checked in to 11 places, took 72 photos, and walked 6.68 miles. I was in Des Moines and West Des Moines, Iowa.

9:24 am

Woke up after sleeping 9.05 hours

12:02 pm

Checked in at Pioneer-Columbus Community Center, Des Moines, Iowa

12:54 pm

BBall with CJ

1:04 pm

Checked in at Kung Fu Tap & Taco, Des Moines, Iowa

2:20 pm

Checked in at Christian Photo, Des Moines, Iowa

2:56 pm

Checked in at Dinoโ€™s Storage, Des Moines, Iowa

3:49 pm

Checked in at QuikTrip, Des Moines, Iowa

3:59 pm

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

5:43 pm

Got a little overspray on this beard spray dyeโ€ฆ

6:32 pm

Look at this old man

6:40 pm

Grammy Tia and Grampy Craig

6:40 pm

Some old women

6:41 pm

Nicole and Nick

6:41 pm

Willie Nelson and Iris Apfel

6:42 pm

Some old guys

7:21 pm

Checked in at Goodsons, Des Moines, Iowa

7:24 pm

Grandma Tia

7:25 pm

Mari and George

7:25 pm

Anthony and Savannah

7:25 pm

Tia and Craig

7:26 pm

Sierah and Shannon

7:27 pm

Nicole and Drea

7:30 pm

Tyler and Julia

7:30 pm

Nick and Nicole

7:31 pm

Willie and Iris

7:39 pm


7:43 pm

Checked in at The Keg Stand, West Des Moines, Iowa

7:50 pm

Tia and Sierah

7:51 pm

Beers, Cigs, n Pills

7:52 pm

Grandma Brittany Butt

7:56 pm

The crew

8:18 pm

Talkin about old man things

8:37 pm

Serious shit talkin

8:50 pm

Look at this woman

8:53 pm

Granny Tia going too hard

8:54 pm

Partyin granny

8:58 pm

Brittany Bouncin it

9:00 pm

Limo partyyy

9:01 pm

Savannah gettin down

9:04 pm

Nick feelin it

9:05 pm

Old man dancin

9:06 pm

George gets down

9:06 pm

Old ladies

9:08 pm

Checked in at Cattoor's On Grand, West Des Moines, Iowa

9:18 pm

Tia and Kari

9:36 pm

Interpretive dancing to Craig's Karaoke

9:36 pm

Twerking to Faithfully

9:36 pm

Really feeling this song

9:36 pm

Gettin way into this Journey

9:37 pm

Crazy old lady

9:41 pm

Dance time

9:43 pm

Shania Twain stuff

9:43 pm

Girl dance party

9:45 pm

Styled, mild, and riled

9:47 pm

More old lady shit talkin

9:47 pm

Old lady sing along

9:47 pm

Party time

9:47 pm

Brittany droppin it

9:59 pm

It takes two to make a thing go right

9:59 pm

Havin a great time

10:08 pm

Old man bickerin

10:10 pm

Crusty old lady

10:21 pm

Back to the limo bus

10:26 pm

Passin out beers

10:35 pm

Old man shenanigans

10:42 pm

Checked in at โ€˜85 Bar, Des Moines, Iowa

10:53 pm

Pit stop

10:56 pm

Makin friends

11:08 pm

Limo seat dancin

11:09 pm

Hangin with this old lady

11:09 pm

Limo bus party

11:11 pm

Limo party

11:12 pm


11:26 pm

Wild lights

11:27 pm

Limo dancin

11:31 pm

Party til you hit the ground

11:36 pm

Party peoples

11:36 pm

We've got a situation

11:39 pm

Old lovers

11:41 pm

Rippin that muumuu open

11:49 pm

Old man bathroom break

11:52 pm

Checked in at QuikTrip, Des Moines, Iowa

11:57 pm

Craig's dance

11:57 pm

Old siblings gettin down