I turned 42 years old

  • 20

    states visited

    Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin
  • 59

    days away from home

    55 outside my state
  • 1,502

    miles walked

    averaging 5.5 mi per day
  • 89.3

    miles biked

    averaging 4.7 mi per ride
  • 181 lbs

    average weight

    ranging from 177.7 to 184.2 lbs
  • 7.3

    average hours asleep

    and 7.9 hours in bed
  • 6


    4 more than 2022
  • 2,057

    photos taken

    across 207 days
  • 1,287

    check ins

    averaging 5 per day
  • 114

    microblog entries

    averaging 1.4 per day
  • 6

    blog entries

    1 more than 2022

Big remarks


I just went to an event where a dude gave a talk on tracking, capturing, and hacking weather balloons. It was effectively nerdier and trickier geocaching. Seemed pretty fun tho.

House. Firewood rack. Foundation. Yard. Golf. Work. Weekends. Camping. Bronco. Selling Jeep. Driveway expansion. Patio. Staining cedar. Friends. Dog. Website. Drywall. HVAC. Paint. Weddings. Landscaping. Spring cleanup. Taxes. Bills. Global entry. Repeat.
- my brain. all night.

Iowans who make less than ~$54k a year will pay higher state taxes this year.

We just passed a bill to give our tax dollars to private schools with no accountability in how they use it.

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