Saturday, October 14, 2023

I slept 6.12 hours, checked in to 4 places, took 39 photos, and walked 4.31 miles. I was in New Ulm, Minnesota.

12:24 am

Big time karaoke bros

12:25 am

Josh joins in

12:26 am

Hootin and hollerin

12:44 am

Checked in at Smiley's Bar, New Ulm, Minnesota

1:12 am

Solvin problems

1:23 am

This ain't not jukebox

2:31 am

Checked in at Flandrau State Park, New Ulm, Minnesota

2:50 am

Fell asleep

9:46 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.12 hours

10:06 am

Campin in New Ulm

10:30 am


11:47 am

Gettin my hair done

11:51 am

Gettin that Dirndl done up

12:06 pm

Alright, let's see what this thing's all about

12:08 pm

Whoa boy. This line is longer than Bock Fest

12:14 pm

Checked in at August Schell Brewing Company, New Ulm, Minnesota

12:34 pm

Line into August Schell

12:49 pm


12:55 pm

Got that first beer

12:58 pm

Checkin out DJ Strudel Boy's Mansion Party

1:02 pm

DJ Strudel Boy

1:04 pm

Look at this girl

1:05 pm

DJ Strudel Boy offers a flower. Look at those leg warmers.

1:05 pm

DJ Strudel Boy

1:08 pm

Never new there was a koi pond there...

1:10 pm

There's just something special about this place

1:16 pm

The beer hall

1:23 pm

Look at these guys

1:28 pm

A. Schell Brewery

1:39 pm

Schell's Beer Cart

1:41 pm

Pretzel time

1:47 pm

Breaking the day's stein holding record.

1:47 pm

Dude hit 8 minutes

2:01 pm

August Schell Beer Hall

2:14 pm

The spot

2:17 pm

Hangin in the back yard of the Schell mansion

3:39 pm

Clink em and drink em

3:41 pm

Lil gnome came to party

3:59 pm

Brat time

4:06 pm

Felt cute. Won't delete.

4:27 pm

Just hangin out

5:36 pm

Checked in at Flandrau State Park, New Ulm, Minnesota

7:18 pm

Bout to cook up some chili mac

7:47 pm

Campfire chili mac!

8:36 pm

"You don't have to document everything"

10:38 pm

Fell asleep