October 18, 2007

I posted 1 photo album, took 11 photos, and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Ankeny.

researched way too many things tonight... if that is possible. going to bed.
i look like im going to a freakin wedding. stupid dress up day. ;)
candy dishes kill me... doug's huge peanut concoction rules. and so does nick's chocolate, peanut butter, banana reeses.
learning about some .net python...
listening to the new venetian snares. havin a beer. hangin out. getting ready to go to the qc for the weekend
improvising on some pulled tequila turkey panini with a wheat hamburger bun, string cheese, and a george forman.
so the myspace app is in the sidekick catalog. it's free! but there's a $2 per month charge, wtf.
Sidekick MySpace App Tour