Friday, October 29, 2021

I slept 8.05 hours, checked in to 3 places, took 13 photos, and walked 2.83 miles. I was in Iowa and Wisconsin.

7:40 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.05 hours

9:28 am

Checked in at Ducharme Dermatology, Inc: Erin Ducharme, MD, FAAD, Clive, Iowa

10:06 am

Ok, but maybe later, ok?

10:25 am

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

11:09 am

Happy Halloween!

4:35 pm

The trees are changin

5:41 pm

River valley leaves

5:41 pm

River valley leaves

5:41 pm

wishing I had a spot to get some good photos of these trees at less than 70mph

5:48 pm

Checked in at Casey's, Cuba City, Wisconsin

5:57 pm

The gas stations have a lot of beer from this local brewery. New Glarus or something

8:05 pm


8:09 pm


8:14 pm

Garage Party

8:40 pm


8:40 pm


9:49 pm