Monday, October 5, 2009

I checked in to 1 place, took 48 photos, and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in New York and New Jersey.

12:02 am

Stuck on a train for 40 mins with some jamaican woman singing, "me no like lesbian, me no like party boys" repeatedly. Hilariously annoying.

12:07 am

Checked in at Lenox Ave & W 133 St, New York, NY 10037, United States, New York, New York

10:04 am

The view from Joe and Eve's

12:15 pm

South Central Park

12:18 pm

Takin a few dogs for walk through Central Park

12:18 pm

Dog walk in Central Park

12:18 pm

Walkin around central park. Its sorta unbelievable.
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12:21 pm

South Central Park

12:25 pm

Central Park

12:30 pm

South Central Park

12:37 pm

Central Park Fountain and Pond

12:38 pm

Dad, Kari, and I at Central Park

12:41 pm

Kari and I at Central Park

12:47 pm

Pond at Central Park

12:51 pm

Gossip Girl Filming at Central Park
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12:52 pm

RC Sailboat at Central Park

1:01 pm

Central Park

1:02 pm

Rock in Central Park

1:08 pm

Sea Lion

1:17 pm

The Plaza Hotel

1:18 pm

The NYC Apple Store

1:18 pm

Inside the NYC Apple Store

1:21 pm

Inside the NYC Apple Store

1:21 pm

At that crazy glass apple store in nyc.

1:45 pm

Taking kari shopping at Tiffany for her birthday. Eep!

2:44 pm

Whew. Walkin outta tiffany for less than $300. And with our wedding rings polished and crazy shiny.

2:58 pm


3:03 pm

St Patrick's

3:14 pm

Walking up to Rockefellar Center

3:16 pm

Rockefeller Center Fountain

3:16 pm

Rockefeller Center Fountain

3:21 pm

Rockefeller Center

3:27 pm

Radio City

3:43 pm

Uptown. The Bronx. Queens. Subway Sign

3:43 pm

Downtown. East Side. Brooklyn. Subway Sign

4:15 pm

Grabbing some bbq lunch at bone lick park.

5:33 pm

Coca-Cola Sign at Bone Lick Park

6:21 pm

Me and Alexei

6:38 pm

Just had a beer with alexei. Headin to the brooklyn bridge real quick before we leave the city

8:00 pm

Kari and I at Joe and Eve's

8:01 pm

At Joe and Eve's

8:30 pm

Bout to leave the city

8:54 pm

Leaving the city on the ferry

8:55 pm

Leaving the city on the ferry

8:57 pm

Leaving the city on the ferry

8:59 pm

A hilarious/awful picture of Kari

9:01 pm

Kari and I on the ferry

9:03 pm


9:03 pm

Pretty much the cutest girl ever
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9:04 pm

Dad and Kari

9:07 pm

Leaving the city on the ferry

9:13 pm

Dad took this pic of us leaving NY

9:20 pm

Flying under the Verrazano Bridge

9:25 pm

Dorkiest pic ever. but our rings are nice and polished

9:35 pm


9:42 pm

It is really hard to take night skyline photos on a highspeed ferry. I hope 1 of my 76 photos turned out.

11:30 pm

Kari (re)opening her necklace

11:30 pm

at dad's place in jersey. i am sick and tired of this @brightkite stuff being down! show me the newness! or atleast leave the oldness up???
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