Saturday, October 6, 2018

I checked in to 9 places, took 37 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 4.73 miles. I was in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

12:02 am

Currently sitting at a bar where the entire city's power has gone out. This is a remarkable experience.

12:12 am

no power selfies

12:21 am

Lantern lit Chameleons

12:59 am

No power hangin

1:03 am

The girls join

1:03 am

Lanterns n old Cornellians

1:03 am

Still hangin at this bar without power

1:17 am

Mount Vernon without power

2:22 am

Checked in at Sleep Inn & Suites, Mount Vernon, Iowa

2:46 am


12:39 pm

Checked in at Chameleon's Pub & Grub, Mount Vernon, Iowa

12:55 pm

Back at Chameleon's 11 hours later

1:48 pm

Soap Sticker still there

1:48 pm

Strider's tree house is gettin crazy

1:58 pm

Still doin Cornell Stuff at the old PnP before the football game

2:01 pm

Checked in at Guppy's On The Go, Mount Vernon, Iowa

2:11 pm

Checked in at The Commons, Mount Vernon, Iowa

2:35 pm

Gils. n girls.

2:36 pm

Checked in at Ash Park/ Cornell Football Field, Mount Vernon, Iowa

2:39 pm

Cornell Football

2:58 pm

Some kid had a box of Yoohoo. I asked him for one and he hooked it up. It was tasty.

3:17 pm

Havin a gay old time

3:25 pm

Checked in at Scorz, Mount Vernon, Iowa

3:31 pm

Look at these thetas

4:56 pm

Duck feet

4:57 pm

Monster boy

4:58 pm

Lil Panda

5:19 pm

An interesting situation

5:22 pm

Some rad girls

5:57 pm

Checked in at Sleep Inn & Suites, Mount Vernon, Iowa

7:01 pm

Birthday Bomb for the Birthday Girl

7:03 pm

Locked and Loaded.

7:08 pm

Checked in at Lincoln Wine Bar, Mount Vernon, Iowa

7:12 pm

Some jugs

7:14 pm

Kari's Birthday. Bout to get some pizza.

7:17 pm

Food is important.

7:52 pm

Thumbs up with Craig

8:11 pm

Look at this pizza!

8:12 pm

Cuttin that pizza

8:21 pm


8:41 pm


8:45 pm

This band was rockin it

8:49 pm

Cornell college lost football today #corNELLnation

9:21 pm

Checked in at C & D Lounge, Mount Vernon, Iowa

9:23 pm

Orderin a whole mess of these and seein how it goes

11:12 pm


11:24 pm

Hangin with Natalie

11:25 pm

Natalie's crazy championship ring