Saturday, February 18, 2023

I slept 6.87 hours, checked in to 16 places, took 59 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 6.82 miles. I was in Tampa, Madeira Beach, Ybor, and University, Florida.

12:17 am

Fell asleep

7:45 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.87 hours

8:48 am

Checked in at Sunrise Market, Tampa, Florida

10:01 am

Ybor cruisin

10:15 am

Checked in at La Segunda Bakery, Tampa, Florida

10:41 am

Checked in at Cuscaden Park, Tampa, Florida

10:47 am

La Segunda Cuban. The bread was so, so good.

11:57 am

Kevi took a lot of photos of me taking photos

11:59 am

Checked in at Madeira Beach, Madeira Beach, Florida

12:10 pm

Beach stuff

12:11 pm

Fat boy

12:12 pm

This was going to be a great shot, but the bird wouldn't sit still

12:21 pm

Is that a jelly?

12:21 pm

That's a jelly

12:25 pm

Beachin (with stuff all over my lens)

12:28 pm

Gulf Surfin boys

12:34 pm

Surfin boi

12:37 pm

Beach boyz

12:46 pm

Some wild sand sculpture

1:54 pm

Checked in at Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, Florida

1:58 pm

Cigar City Brewery

2:00 pm

Playin that ring game

2:02 pm

Tryna get that ring on that hook

2:04 pm

Jai Alai at the source

2:05 pm

Cigar City

2:49 pm

Really enjoying myself

3:31 pm

Just had two pints of fresh Jai Alai at the cigar city brewery with kevi double o sevi. Oh yeah.

3:53 pm

Checked in at Tampa Heights, Tampa, Florida

4:02 pm

Home for a couple days

4:03 pm


4:13 pm

Checked in at Rick's on the River, Tampa, Florida

4:25 pm

Ask me about my gerbils

4:27 pm

Gettin a pic of it

4:38 pm

This is not a small oyster

4:40 pm

Havin a slidey boy

4:56 pm

Oyster shells as gravel

4:58 pm

Look at Tampa

4:59 pm

Capturing the moment

5:15 pm

That is not a small moose head

5:28 pm

Havin a cigar in Ybor

5:38 pm

Cigar time

6:00 pm

Checked in at Nicahabana Cigars, Tampa, Florida

6:12 pm

This paint job was wild

6:12 pm

Capturing the moment

6:13 pm

Rollin cigars

6:20 pm

Checked in at Big Easy Bar, Tampa, Florida

6:30 pm

Hey, Kevi

6:40 pm


7:09 pm


7:10 pm

Checked in at Atomic Tattoos, Ybor, Florida

7:37 pm

Checked in at Las Vegas Tattoo, Tampa, Florida

7:59 pm

Checked in at Zydeco Brew Werks, Tampa, Florida

8:04 pm


8:17 pm

Goin for an NY slice

8:19 pm

Checked in at Due Amici, University, Florida

8:21 pm

This pizza was so tasty

8:45 pm

Gettin pierced at Las Vegas Tattoo, Ybor

8:53 pm

Checked in at Las Vegas Tattoo, Tampa, Florida

8:55 pm

Gettin pierced by Bridget. Bridget was awesome.

9:20 pm

Lulu 23

9:24 pm

Checked in at Reservoir Bar, Tampa, Florida

9:37 pm

The piercer tipped us off to a goth club called the Castle. This was the line.

9:37 pm

Kevi had a great time taking pics of me taking pics

9:40 pm

Dumpster tags

9:51 pm

Checked in at The Castle, Tampa, Florida

9:53 pm


10:08 pm

At the Castle!

10:15 pm

Castle clubbin

10:36 pm

This couple was from Kentucky and was very fun

10:48 pm

Goth boyz

11:02 pm

The Castle

11:02 pm

The Castle

11:16 pm

Skeleton boy

11:20 pm


11:26 pm

The Castle

11:36 pm

Some wild art in the castle

11:43 pm

The Void @ The Castle

11:44 pm

Jared was a super fun bartender

11:59 pm

Gettin spankins @ the Castle