Friday, February 7, 2020

I slept 8.17 hours, checked in to 8 places, took 23 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 7.06 miles. I was in Arizona.

7:37 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.17 hours

11:28 am

Checked in at Crismon Wash Trailhead, Mesa, Arizona

11:39 am

Goin for a hike

11:52 am


12:00 pm

Nice place for a stroll

12:11 pm

A nice lil hike around the desert

12:12 pm

Arizona vegetation is so crazy

1:01 pm

Checked in at Jersey Mike's Subs, Mesa, Arizona

1:38 pm

Checked in at Citrus Gardens, Mesa, Arizona

2:27 pm

Checked in at Topgolf, Gilbert, Arizona

3:02 pm

More Target Practice

3:11 pm

It's all in the hips

3:20 pm


3:24 pm


3:32 pm


3:34 pm

Top Golfin

4:31 pm

Hittin the back fence @ top golf with my 5 iron. 🦾🦾🦾

4:35 pm

Roseanne gettin it

5:26 pm

Checked in at Citrus Gardens, Mesa, Arizona

5:36 pm

Golf cart stuff

5:48 pm

Dog park stuff

6:05 pm

Checked in at Fry's Marketplace, Mesa, Arizona

6:18 pm

Checked in at Midwestern Meats, Mesa, Arizona

7:01 pm

Checked in at Citrus Gardens, Mesa, Arizona

7:30 pm

Dinner hall stuff

8:05 pm

Bunch of family

8:06 pm

Cousins n stuff

8:08 pm

The significant others

8:09 pm

Cousin stuff

8:10 pm

Kari's fam

8:10 pm

Havin a good time

8:23 pm

Gonna be a party

10:16 pm

Cigar time

11:23 pm

Fell asleep