I turned 39 years old and celebrated 15 years with Kari

  • 8

    states visited

    Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin
  • 45

    days away from home

    36 outside my state
  • 1,599

    miles walked

    averaging 4.4 mi per day
  • 50.8

    miles biked

    averaging 6.3 mi per ride
  • 180.1 lbs

    average weight

    ranging from 175.2 to 187.7 lbs
  • 7.7

    average hours asleep

    and 8.1 hours in bed
  • 1


    10 less than 2019
  • 2,088

    photos taken

    across 290 days
  • 981

    check ins

    averaging 3.6 per day
  • 468

    microblog entries

    averaging 1.9 per day
  • 3

    blog entries

    2 more than 2019

Big remarks


My regional grocery store used to have their own knock-off Mountain Dew that was called Hee-Haw. They’ve apparently rebranded, and what the fuck is this shit? Bring back the Hee-Haw. t.co/hLzH6bXBK5

I dunno about y’all, but I’m pretty ok with thanksgiving being canceled this year.

Today, I’ve been at PayPal for 5 years, which means that I earned a month long sabbatical... in a time where there‘s nothing to take sabbatical for.

I spent the first 9 months of 2020 as a tech lead on this product. Three companies and a diverse set of amazing engineers worked in parallel to ship this thing in well under a year.

Today: I start my new job as an architect at Venmo.


I’m 39 years old and my wife gave my a 1334 piece lego vw camper van for Christmas. I sat down and spent hours putting this thing together today and it was AWESOME. t.co/WAcTwIOgeq

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