March 17, 2009

I took 5 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Phoenix, Ankeny, West des Moines, and Mesa.

alright - 5 hours til we have to be at the airport. awesome.
alarmed! spose i better get packed and to the airport.
some corned beef and hash sounds pretty awesome right now. beer does not.
first time boarding via the plane's butthole. awesome. 1 comment
on the ground in CR. pickin up the dog in marion, then heading back home.
bring me that filet o fish. bring me that fiiiish
home! with lots of bills in the mail.
trying to decide what to do for dinner - our fridge is empty! i wonder if i can find corned beef/cabbage in ankeny...
at okoboji. corned beef, cabbage, and a killian's
i'm obsessed with organizing my photos. but uh, i better crash so my brain can function on my first day back to work...

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Flo Rida