March 20, 2009

I took 25 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and Saylor Station.

think im finally all caught up on sleep. just in time for friday. wooooo.
there seems to be an abundance of street sweepers out this week. must be about time to put my dubs back on the ol truck!
i love that my new osiris shoes sound like i'm wearing spurs, haha.
my sister just called and asked if she could use my middle name for her baby, ha... weird. babies.
theres a car completely on its side on delaware
PC turned off - it makes a great mac mini stand.
@JMWING come to ankeny tonight for tobbie's birthday! nick, nicole, kari, nathan, ando, me, and lots more are partying. 1 comment
at waterfront with nick and nicole. 1 comment
@djdiverse come to the doghouse with us in like an hour. tobbie's birthday celebration 2 comments
@djdiverse i know. that is rough shit. come for 1 drink to talk, then bust out.
at stix! kari's here! which means you should be too. por feet sakes.
wearing briefs for the first time since jr high. pretty constricting haha. 1 comment

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