March 9, 2009

I took 62 photos and wrote 11 microblogs. I was in Cameron, Bumble Bee, Desert View, Flagstaff, and Black Canyon City.

at the cameron trading post. bout to get some dinner - then share a hotel room with my grandparents, haha. Eep!
Up earlier than I get up for work, haha. Staying with grandparents is awesome.
just found out this hotel has free wifi... wish i wouldve known that last night! goin to get some breakfast
carrots are good for your eyes, cheese sticks are good for your calcium and bones, and grandma didnt eat enough fruit yesterday.
flagstaff is a neat town.
grabbin some dinner at eva's. almost back to grandma's.
so my sister is prego again. keepin the pressure off us again, yessss. 4 comments
@toeb1 tucson
my grandma likes to tell stories. she likes to tell the same stories even more. but most of all, she loves to not listen to your stories. 2 comments
@toeb1 we'll be in that area over the weekend.
at grandma's place. excited to sleep in our own room tonight.