Saturday, March 9, 2024

I slept 6.55 hours, checked in to 5 places, took 69 photos, and walked 5.66 miles. I was in Moab and Dewey, Utah.

6:57 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.55 hours

7:47 am

Good morning, Moab

8:23 am

Back yard in the morning

8:23 am

The way the sun illuminated this tree was much more special than the way that I captured it

8:44 am

Walkin up to the Moab Bronco Off-Roadeo building

8:46 am

Checked in at Cowboy Grill, Moab, Utah

8:50 am

Registered and waiting for the off-roadeo to start

9:08 am

Tyler walks us through some Bronco history

9:37 am

Chris talks about off-roading the Bronco

9:55 am

Gettin ready to head out

10:18 am

Caravan to the trail

10:34 am

Checked in at Dewey Suspension Bridge, Dewey, Utah

10:45 am

Goin over some off-roading guidelines near the Dewey Bridge

11:11 am

Hittin the Dome Plateau trail

11:12 am

26ΒΊ pitch

11:12 am

Pitchin and rollin

11:20 am

Dome Plateau scenery

11:25 am

Durby had a baby sitter that took him for hikes

11:33 am

Tyler spotting his crew up some obstacles

11:44 am

Chatting about obstalces and planning a route up this trail

11:57 am

Pickin a line

11:57 am

I've got this, Chris

11:57 am

Wheeling in Moab is pretty incredible

11:58 am

Slammin that back tire into the fender

11:58 am

Really enjoying myself

11:58 am


12:01 pm

Lookin out over the Colorado river

12:01 pm

Checkin out the scenery

12:04 pm

Enjoying Moab

12:07 pm

Kari didn't plan on off-roading with me that day and only had comfy grunge clothes, hah

12:07 pm


12:08 pm

Hangin above the Colorado River

12:20 pm

My Minnesota buddy stretchin it out

12:25 pm

You can disconnect the sway bar under load on the Bronco

12:29 pm

Off-Roadeo stickers

12:43 pm

Rolling hills along the mesas

1:12 pm

Goin down

1:12 pm

Controlled roll

1:35 pm

A little tippy

1:40 pm

UTV stuff

1:51 pm

Lunch break

2:07 pm

Group run moves on after lunch

2:07 pm

Broncos on the trail

2:12 pm

When you run your tires under-inflated full time

2:19 pm

Lettin the UTVs come through

2:37 pm

Down the steps and ramps

2:37 pm

Crawlin man

2:38 pm

Hit the steps 1-wheel at a time for comfort

2:38 pm

Talkin shit with Chris

2:40 pm

Crawlin broncos

2:42 pm

Ramps n steps

2:43 pm

Chris calls for the next Bronco

2:44 pm

Desert Wheelin

3:04 pm

Having a good time

3:12 pm

Playin with Baja mode

3:20 pm

Checking out a cave

3:23 pm

Chris talks about the cave

3:25 pm

Exploring the cave

3:26 pm

Cave stuff

3:26 pm

Cave chatter

3:26 pm

Dusty silhouettes

3:27 pm

This cave is apparently normally pitch black. We happened to be there at the time of year and day where the sun can shine through.

3:29 pm


3:35 pm

This was a cool little stop

3:44 pm

Midday selfie

4:43 pm

Old uranium miner cabins

4:45 pm

Goin over recovery gear

6:03 pm

Heading back to the cabin

6:44 pm

A pretty fun build

6:49 pm

Durby hangs out for dinner

6:50 pm

This was a really good day

6:53 pm

Checked in at Bronco Off-Roadeo, Moab, Utah

7:14 pm

Beautiful purple mesas at sunset

7:45 pm

Checked in at Cowboy Grill, Moab, Utah

9:47 pm

Checked in at Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, Utah

10:46 pm

Fell asleep