Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I slept 6.6 hours, checked in to 9 places, took 10 photos, wrote 5 microblogs, and walked 3.63 miles. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:10 am

Went to bed

12:28 am

Fell asleep

8:04 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.6 hours

8:24 am

This seems unnecessary... but it feels great.

8:53 am

Checked in at CVS/pharmacy, Chicago, Illinois

9:02 am

Elevator rush hour...

9:15 am

Checked in at Modest, Inc, Chicago, Illinois

11:04 am

Hey guys!

11:04 am


11:06 am

Ghetto studio

11:58 am

Bummed to be missing the tattoo appt I'm supposed to be at right now, but happy I could pass it off to a friend. Can't wait to see her work!

12:41 pm

View from the office

12:59 pm

Checked in at The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois

1:12 pm

Checked in at Modest, Inc, Chicago, Illinois

7:38 pm

Checked in at Ethiopian Diamond, Chicago, Illinois

8:17 pm


8:28 pm

Ethiopian food, WAT

8:32 pm

9:07 pm

Modest team dinner
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9:20 pm


9:26 pm

Checked in at Lickity Split, Chicago, Illinois

9:27 pm

Lickety split

10:20 pm

Checked in at Kinzie Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

10:29 pm

Checked in at Public House, Chicago, Illinois

11:06 pm

Checked in at Bangers & Lace, Chicago, Illinois

11:22 pm

Showin some of my @startupcitydsm peeps around the city of Chicago!

11:56 pm

I'm really glad to see that they fixed the restroom wallpapers at @bangersandlace