Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I slept 7.05 hours, checked in to 6 places, took 9 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 4.02 miles. I was in Illinois and Iowa.

3:43 am

Night 2 away from home this week. Insomnia. Feel like I should be at home working on our house.

7:34 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.05 hours

8:36 am

Checked in at Dunkin Donuts, Chicago, Illinois

8:45 am

Checked in at Braintree, Chicago, Illinois

2:55 pm

Living room bein covered up

2:56 pm

Kitchen gettin drywalled

2:56 pm

Dining room bein drywalled

5:19 pm

Some brick at Braintree

5:52 pm

Checked in at Jewel-Osco, Chicago, Illinois

6:12 pm

Checked in at Why-Q, Chicago, Illinois

6:23 pm

Hangin at Kunal and Sarah's

6:31 pm

Dr Mario time

6:57 pm

Pizza party

9:06 pm

lil clint vs don flamenco

9:50 pm

Checked in at Weber Grill Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois

10:45 pm

This dude and his steaks are like 1.3em

10:50 pm

Checked in at Hilton Garden Inn, Chicago, Illinois

11:27 pm

Went to bed

11:27 pm

Plans: Sleep all night. Get in the hot tub. Shower. Slam a dewsk. Go to work.

11:33 pm

Fell asleep