May 17, 2007

I wrote 4 microblogs. I was in Johnston.

wtf twitter. thanks for accepting my updates yesterday you POS.
back to work! i have my first tattoo consultation today, weeeee.
Just got scheduled for a huge tattoo on the 26th. Eep! Weeee
packing for the weekend. FYI: twitter is retarded. good work guys. way to make an app that sucks.

Listened to

Jay-Z, The Blood Brothers, The Knife, Bloc Party, A-Trak, Know1 (Aeon Grey), Joanna Newsom, Lady Sovereign, Eminem, Jeans Team Feat. MJ Lan, ENVY, Tech N9ne, ยต-Ziq, The Knife Vs. The Pack, Twiztid, and more...