Saturday, May 26, 2007

I took 10 photos and wrote 6 microblogs. I was in Johnston, Iowa.

1:51 am

Heading to bed. 1st tattoo tomorrow, eep!

2:29 am

Mosso might be the worst service I have ever encountered in my life. They might be owned by Best Buy.

12:34 pm

@ Perkins. Wtf.

2:46 pm

Going to get tattered!

3:19 pm

Budha's drawing

3:29 pm

Starting to put the stencil on

3:55 pm

Budha working on my back

4:15 pm

Getting Tattered

4:15 pm

Getting Tattooed

4:27 pm

Omg. Biggest crown you have ever seen. It hurts, fyi.

4:29 pm

3/4 done outlining

4:40 pm


4:45 pm

Swollen Blood

5:34 pm

This is as far as we got in the first session

5:40 pm

Budha's giant elephant backpiece drawing - the reason I chose him as my artist

8:43 pm

Eating at Rookies and hanging out at Zach's