Saturday, June 15, 2013

I slept 8.02 hours, checked in to 18 places, took 5 photos, wrote 9 microblogs, and walked 4.33 miles. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:01 am

Checked in at Bangers & Lace, Chicago, Illinois

12:41 am

Checked in at Residences at Joffrey Tower, Chicago, Illinois

12:48 am

Just carried a woman's luggage down the stairs... the homeless woman I used to watch drink on stoops, taunt cops, and get arrested. Weird.

1:05 am

Went to bed

1:14 am

Fell asleep

9:54 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.02 hours

12:08 pm

Can someone get me some damn croissants?
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12:09 pm


12:32 pm

Hurry up with my damn croissants.

1:04 pm

Checked in at CTA - Randolph/Wabash, Chicago, Illinois

1:10 pm

These new green line cars are fancy.

1:22 pm

Checked in at Publican Quality Meats, Chicago, Illinois

3:09 pm

Checked in at Walgreens, Chicago, Illinois

3:18 pm

Shopping around Wicker Park after a great brunch with @BenHuh, @sneakstar, and @marlyho

3:23 pm

Checked in at Rudys Roundup, Chicago, Illinois

3:41 pm

Checked in at Urban Outfitters, Chicago, Illinois

3:42 pm

"Sorry, we don't have a restroom" - lyin ass, Chicago shops

4:02 pm

Checked in at Rodan, Chicago, Illinois

4:24 pm

Checked in at American Apparel, Chicago, Illinois

4:34 pm

Checked in at Steve Madden, Chicago, Illinois

4:42 pm

Checked in at Saint Alfred, Chicago, Illinois

4:56 pm

Checked in at CHROME, Chicago, Illinois

5:05 pm

Checked in at Bar Bar Black Sheep, Chicago, Illinois

5:46 pm

Checked in at Mildblend, Chicago, Illinois

6:01 pm

Checked in at Belmont Army, Chicago, Illinois

6:14 pm

Checked in at Bangers & Lace, Chicago, Illinois

6:15 pm

Shopping is less fun these days... Let's have some beer.

6:17 pm

Patio stuff

7:12 pm

Anyone else find it hilarious that the Chicago Blackhawk's logo is smirking? ...least intimidating logo ever.

7:37 pm

Cocktails with pretty ladies

7:55 pm

Just learned that you can see my eyeballs through my Oakley lenses...

8:30 pm

Checked in at 6 Degrees, Chicago, Illinois

10:48 pm

Checked in at Rodan, Chicago, Illinois

10:58 pm

Patio chillin

10:59 pm

Rain or shine