June 7, 2013

I slept 7.2 hours, checked in to 9 places, took 25 photos, wrote 4 microblogs, walked 10.3 miles, and weighed 181.6 pounds. I was in Ankeny, des moines, and Lee.

went to bed
fell asleep
woke up after sleeping 7.2 hours
Finally snapped some photos of my sleeve (all work by @joshuacbowers): derek.broox.com/phot...ve.jpg
A lawn care specialist just stopped by and used the Iowa state fair as a point of reference for when I should reseed my lawn, haha. Iowa. 4 comments
I am going to a Black Flag show today. Yes. 10 comments
checked in at PepperJax Grill, Ankeny, Iowa
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
checked in at Casey's General Store, Ankeny, Iowa
checked in at Ichi Bike, des moines, Iowa
checked in at Subsect Skate Shop, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at House of Bricks, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at Wooly's, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at Lime Lounge, Des Moines, Iowa
Just saw Black Flag. Bucket list shit. 2 comments
checked in at Hy-Vee, Ankeny, Iowa

Listened to

Black Flag, Queens of the Stone Age, Misfits, The Stooges, Fugazi, Fear, Minor Threat, Pink Floyd, Suicidal Tendencies, Ramones, Subhumans, NOFX, Iggy Pop, The Clash, Rancid, and more...