Saturday, June 19, 2010

I checked in to 11 places, took 4 photos, and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Illinois and Iowa.

1:57 am

Drinking beer blows. Especially when you're a dude who can't burp... and loves beer.

10:19 am

Checked in at Ice Cream Palace, Silvis, Illinois

10:32 am

Classic breakfast with the grandparents... at the I, I-I-I, I-I-Ice cream palace.

11:46 am

Checked in at 124 Oak St, LeClaire, Iowa

12:06 pm

Me and Dad

12:26 pm

Chicago bound.
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1:16 pm

Just saw an old dude on a motorcycle with his cane strapped to the back. Bamf.

1:24 pm

Checked in at BP - Travel Plaza, Dixon, Illinois

2:32 pm

Checked in at Chicago Premium Outlets, Aurora, Illinois

4:10 pm

Jeff Harley'd it

4:10 pm

Checked in at Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

4:14 pm

Its pretty hilarious that Google navigation discharges my phone battery even while plugged in.
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4:26 pm

"Your room's not ready, we can hold your luggage while-" "no" "...k, well how bout a king room" "no" magically, a room opens up. Jeff rules.
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4:29 pm

Checked in

5:24 pm

Getting ready to head to their show

6:51 pm

Checked in at Clark & Lake Train Terminal, Chicago, Illinois

6:51 pm

Checked in at CTA - Clark/Lake (Orange/Pink/Green/Purple/Brown/Blue), Chicago, Illinois

7:02 pm

One of these days I will actually remember my cta card when I visit Chicago... one of these days...
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7:23 pm

Checked in at CVS Pharmacy - Irving Park/Lincoln/Damen, Chicago, Illinois

7:23 pm

Checked in at CVS/pharmacy, Chicago, Illinois

7:51 pm

Checked in at 2121 W Berteau Ave, Chicago, Illinois

8:40 pm

Welp, it only took about an hour of sitting at @harper's before he grabbed my phone and Froyo'd it.
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9:44 pm

Checked in at Wildfire, Chicago, Illinois