Friday, June 19, 2015

I slept 9.1 hours, took 46 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 2.19 miles. I was in Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

9:30 am

Woke up after sleeping 9.1 hours

11:02 am


11:34 am

Mayakoba ferry

12:07 pm

Every time I travel internationally, I am reminded that Americans are huge, huge assholes.

3:20 pm

Unplanned pool party

3:23 pm

Chillin at the reflections pool

3:39 pm

Pool party

4:57 pm

Dude was just basking by our pool with us

6:33 pm

Kari tells me she wants a bathroom like this
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7:15 pm

Waitin for a shuttle to the pool party outside our villa

7:39 pm

Well this looks like a fun party

8:03 pm

Yo, Thome!
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8:09 pm

Pool party toast!

8:16 pm

Taco bar!

8:19 pm

Some rad girls

8:51 pm

Liz jumps in

8:52 pm

Hangin with our new buds Tony and Dave

8:52 pm


8:56 pm

Some rad chicks

9:00 pm

Mindy jumps in in her dress... and heels.

9:03 pm

Some fire performers show up to the party

9:05 pm

Fire stuff

9:11 pm

Watchin the fire dancers

9:12 pm


9:13 pm

Pool partyin

9:14 pm

Watchin the fire performers

9:18 pm

Fire dancin

9:19 pm

Fire dancin

9:19 pm


9:20 pm

This was a pretty solid performance

9:27 pm

Pool partiers

9:33 pm

Jen gettin down

9:36 pm

Manni gets a cigar

10:13 pm

Poolside chillin

10:14 pm

Ashlee and Kari

10:18 pm

The party really starts...

10:19 pm

Mindy and Ryan

11:04 pm

Mindy and Ryan
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11:04 pm

Dance time

11:06 pm

Jen still gettin down

11:07 pm

Get back in the pool, Ryan

11:08 pm

Our Madison friends

11:12 pm

Raina, Kim and Ryan

11:12 pm


11:16 pm

Kari and Kim

11:32 pm

Just havin a blast at the afterparty

11:35 pm

Afterparty at Ryan and Mindy's villa

11:40 pm

Kari and Jen
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